Staying Safe at Home

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Personal Plan - Safety at Home

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Section 1: Home Security

Which of these could improve my safety when opening the door to someone?
Tip: Fitting good security accessories to your door will enable you to remain in control.
Which of these suggestions is the safest place to keep my front door keys?
Tip: Your keys should never be left or hidden outside.
To deter burglars or other intruders when it is dark, I should:
Tip: Don't give others the impression your home is empty at night.

Section 2: Dealing with Unwanted Visitors

Which of these examples is likely to be a cold caller I should NOT trust?
Tip: Cold callers sometimes visit your home or call you on the phone, but are not always trying to scam people.
How can I deal with cold callers fairly and safely?
Tip: Making sure the person is who they say they are will help you stay safe.
Should I buy goods or services from cold callers?
Tip: You must always put your safety first but remember that not all cold callers are criminals.

Section 3: Door-to-Door Scams

Who should I ask for advice before signing a contract with someone visiting me at home?
Tip: It is important to find someone trustworthy to check a contract before you sign it.
When should I borrow money from a loan shark?
What should if I do if someone I don't know offers to lend me money?
Tip: Never trust people you don't know who want to give you a loan.